Data Classes


Revision: 2004-12-28

This MIB module defines the managed objects and notifications for Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management (CFM).

CFM is an end-to-end per service instance Ethernet layer Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) protocol.

CFM events include:

  • Maintenance End-Point (MEP) coming up: establishing connectivity
  • Maintenance End-Point going down: losing connectivity
  • Maintenance End-Point unknown: unexpected
  • Maintenance End-Point missing: expected but not reachable
  • Continuity Check Configuration Error: collision in MEP IDs
  • Continuity Check Loop: forwarding loop in network
  • Continuity Check Cross-connect: cross-connected forwarding path.

The following acronyms are used in this module:

  • MEP: Maintenance End Point
  • MEPID: Maintenance End Point Identifier
  • CC: Continuity Check
  • CCDB: Continuity Check Database
  • SVLAN: Service Provider Virtual Local Area Network
  • VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network
  • CLI: Command Line Interface.
  • OAM: Operations Administration and Management.