Enum Classes

class CISCOBULKFILEMIB.CbfStatusFileTable.CbfStatusFileEntry

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOBULKFILEMIB CbfStatusFileTable CbfStatusFileEntry

This class represents state data.

Status for a particular file.

An entry exists in this table for each time cbfDefineFileNow

has been set to ‘create’ and the corresponding entry here

has not been explicitly deleted by the application or bumped

to make room for a new entry.

Deleting an entry with cbfStatusFileState ‘running’ aborts

the file creation attempt.

It is implementation and file-system specific whether deleting

the entry also deletes the file.


type: int

range: 1..4294967295

refers to: cbfdefinefileindex

config: False


An arbitrary integer to uniquely identify this file. The numeric order of the entries implies the creation order of the files

type: int

range: 1..4294967295

config: False


The file state: running data is being written to the file ready the file is ready to be read emptied an ephemeral file was successfully consumed noSpace no data due to insufficient file space badName no data due to a name or path problem writeErr no data due to fatal file write error noMem no data due to insufficient dynamic memory buffErr implementation buffer too small aborted short terminated by operator command Only the ‘ready’ state implies that the file is available for transfer. The disposition of files after an error is implementation and file-syste specific

type: CbfStatusFileState

config: False


The value of sysUpTime when the creation attempt completed. A value of 0 indicates not complete. For ephemeral files this is the time when cbfStatusFileState goes to ‘emptied’. For others this is the time when the state leaves ‘running’

type: int

range: 0..4294967295

config: False


The control that allows deletion of entries. For detailed rules see the DESCRIPTION for cbfStatusFileEntry. This object may not be set to any value other than ‘destroy’

type: RowStatus

config: False