class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.Cisco_IOS_XE_ntp_oper.PeerEvent

PeerEvent (Enum Class)

Event received by switch or router and sent by peer

ntp_peer_event_mobilize = 0

This event is used to allocate resources and

initialize defaults or values when a NTP association is setup

ntp_peer_event_demobilize = 1

This event is used to tear down the resources

associated with a NTP association

ntp_peer_event_unreachable = 2

This event indicates that the NTP peer is


ntp_peer_event_reachable = 3

This event indicates that the peer is reachable

ntp_peer_event_restart = 4

Event to indicate that the NTP process restart

is now complete

ntp_peer_event_reply = 5

NTP peer or server reply event in response to a

get time request from the client

ntp_peer_event_rate = 6

This event is used to synchronize the client

and peer or server through a flow contol mechanism

ntp_peer_event_deny = 7

Event from peer that indicates denial of access to the

switch or router

ntp_peer_disarmed = 8

This event clears or resets the NTP flag after the

leap second event so that the system is now ready to receive the next

leap second event

ntp_peer_armed = 9

Peer event armed means that the event for delaying

the clock increment by one second for a leap year will be scheduled

next month

ntp_peer_event_newpeer = 10

New peer added to association

ntp_peer_event_clock = 11

This event indicates clock tick errors

ntp_peer_event_auth = 12

Event indicating status of authenticating switch

or router with peer

ntp_peer_event_popcorn = 13

Popcorn event indicates a delayed NTP packet due

to congestion in the network

ntp_peer_event_xleave = 14

Event for NTP peer or server leaving the


ntp_peer_event_xerr = 15

NTP event for an error message received from

peer or server

ntp_peer_event_tai = 16

Event for incorporating correction for

International Atomic Time based on offsets from UTC