Enum Classes


Revision: 2003-01-06

An extension to the Cisco ATM MIB module for managing ATM implementations.

Acronyms and terms used in the MIB module:

AAL5 – ATM adaptation layer 5. AIS – Alarm Indication Signal. CC – Continuity Check. End-to-end – End-to-end continuity checking.

Monitoring occurs on the entire VC between two ATM end stations.
F5 OAM – OAM information flow between
network elements (NEs) used within virtual connections to report degraded virtual channel performance.
OAM – Operations, Administration
and Maintenance.

RDI – Remote Detection Indication. Segment – Segment continuity checking.

Monitoring occurs on a VC segment between a router and a first-hop ATM switch.

VC – Virtual Channel. VCC – Virtual Channel Connection. VCL – Virtual Channel Link.

This module contains the following augments: