Data Classes


Revision: 2003-11-24

The MIB module for managing Power Source Equipment (PSE) working according to the IEEE 802.af Powered Ethernet (DTE Power via MDI) standard.

The following terms are used throughout this MIB module. For complete formal definitions, the IEEE 802.3 standards should be consulted wherever possible:

Group - A recommended, but optional, entity defined by the IEEE 802.3 management standard, in order to support a modular numbering scheme. The classical example allows an implementor to represent field-replaceable units as groups of ports, with the port numbering matching the modular hardware implementation.

Port - This entity identifies the port within the group for which this entry contains information. The numbering scheme for ports is implementation specific.

Copyright (c) The Internet Society (2003). This version of this MIB module is part of RFC 3621; See the RFC itself for full legal notices.