class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xr.Cisco_IOS_XR_ethernet_cfm_oper.CfmPmMepDefect

CfmPmMepDefect (Enum Class)

Defects that can be reported by a MEP

defect_none = 0

No defect reported

defect_rdi_ccm = 1

Some Peer MEP’s CCM has the RDI bit set

defect_ma_cstatus = 2

A Peer MEP port or interface status error has

been reported

defect_remote_ccm = 3

Not receiving valid CCMs from at least one Peer


defect_error_ccm = 4

Currently receiving invalid CCMs from at least

one Peer MEP

defect_cross_connect_ccm = 5

Currently receiving CCMs from an incorrect

service (MA)