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Revision: 2002-08-16

Cisco NBAR Protocol Discovery MIB

NBAR - Network Based Application Recognition is an intelligent classification engine that recognizes applications that are static (which use fixed TCP or UDP port numbers), and stateful (which dynamically assign TCP or UDP port numbers).

Protocol Discovery - uses NBAR to show you the mix of applications currently running on the network. Key statistics are associated with each protocol. These statistics can be used to define traffic classes and QoS policies.

Functionality: 1. To enable/disable Protocol Discovery per interface. 2. Display the protocols/applications which NBAR

currently recognizes.
  1. To display various Protocol Discovery statistics.
  2. A configurable top N table which lists protocols using user defined criteria.
  3. To configure notifications (traps) based on configurable statistic thresholds.
  4. To maintain a history table of all notification events.