class CISCOCONTEXTMAPPINGMIB.CContextMappingLicenseGroupTable.CContextMappingLicenseGroupEntry

Bases: Entity

Class Hierarchy : CISCOCONTEXTMAPPINGMIB CContextMappingLicenseGroupTable CContextMappingLicenseGroupEntry

This class represents state data.

Information relating to a single mapping of

CContextMappingVacmContextName to the

corresponding License Group.


type: str

length: 0..32

refers to: ccontextmappingvacmcontextname

config: False


The value of an instance of this object identifies the name given to the Group to which the SNMP context is mapped. Feature sets from all groups will be combined to form universal image. User can configure multiple groups as needed. For example: In Next generation ISRs will use the universal image package level licensing model for its licensing need. Each group has the feature set needed for that specific technology. Feature sets from different groups are combined to form universal image and each feature set for a group can be enabled using a valid license key. There will be a base level ipbase package in which the router boots with out any license key. The following are the different Technology Groups. 1.crypto 3.ip 4.legacy 5.novpn-security 7.uc

type: str

length: 0..32

config: False


The storage type for this conceptual row. Conceptual rows having the value ‘permanent’ need not allow write-access to any columnar objects in the row

type: StorageType

config: False


This object facilitates the creation, modification, or deletion of a conceptual row in this table

type: RowStatus

config: False