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Revision: 2002-06-10

The MIB is created to provide ATM QoS information in these areas:

  1. Traffic shaping on a per-VC basis
  2. Traffic shaping on a per-VP basis
  3. Per-VC queuing/buffering

Although the initial requirements of the MIB are driven to support the GSR TAZ line card, CISCO-ATM-QOS-MIB is designed as a generic MIB to support ATM interfaces across all platforms.

Here are the tables defined in this MIB: ciscoAtmQosVccTable

  • to provide information on traffic shaping on a per-VC basis.
  • to provide information on traffic shaping on a per-VP basis.

ciscoAtmQosVcQueuingTable ciscoAtmQosVcQueuingClassTable

  • to provide information on per-VC queuing/buffering.