class ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe.CISCO_CONFIG_COPY_MIB.ConfigFileType

ConfigFileType (Enum Class)

The various types of files on which a config-copy

operation can be performed.

networkFile: file on another network device,

e.g. a file-server on the


iosFile: a file on the local agent, other

than startup or running config.

startupConfig: a startup config file.

runningConfig: a running config file.

terminal: a terminal (e.g. the console

window) on which the config is

to be displayed.

fabricStartupConfig: a file type which can be

used for a destination file;

when a running-config is to

copied to a destination of

this type, the file is copied

to the startup config on all

devices in the fabric. Such

a fabric could, for example,

be a Fibre Channel fabric,

or even a MAC-based fabric.

networkFile = 1
iosFile = 2
startupConfig = 3
runningConfig = 4
terminal = 5
fabricStartupConfig = 6