Questions and Answers

Please join the YDK community to get answers to any YDK-related questions you may have.

How do I report a bug I found?

Please use the YDK-Gen GitHub issue tracker to report any bugs you discovered. Please use the YDK community for any questions.

I am interested in contributing. How do I do this?

YDK is an open-source project and we welcome contributions. Please refer to this brief guide, make the changes on your fork of ydk-gen and submit a pull request here.

Can you help me change something in a model bundle API?

The YDK model bundle APIs are autogenerated from predefined sets of yang models. Please contact the owners of the respective yang models to request any changes.

What version of YDK core can be used with YDK bundles?

Currently, we do not have a central location where the compatibility information between the YDK core and the bundle APIs (for example, openconfig) is maintained. In principle, going forward, we plan to maintain backward compatibility between the releases of the core and bundles.

The release notes contains some information about which bundles were changed in which release of YDK.

Also, the pypi page provides some information about this under the “Requires Distributions” section. For example, see:

Also, we use the ydk-gen tool to generate the bundles. This tool is available for anyone to use in order to generate the bundle version in combination with YDK core version of their choice. For example, the below steps will generate & install the cisco-ios-xr 6.5.1 bundle compatible with ydk core 0.8.0 (assuming you have already installed the system dependencies):

  1. Install libydk (taking CentOS as example. For other OS, please see here)
sudo yum install
  1. Generate and install ydk-py core
git clone
git checkout tags/0.8.3 -b 0.8.3
cd ydk-gen
pip install -r requirements.txt
./generate --core --python
pip install gen-api/python/ydk/dist/ydk*.tar.gz
  1. Generate and install bundle
./generate --bundle profiles/bundles/cisco-ios-xr_6_5_1.json --python -v
pip install gen-api/python/cisco_ios_xr-bundle/dist/ydk*.tar.gz