NETCONF Service Provider

class ydk.providers.NetconfServiceProvider(address, username, password=None, port=830, protocol='ssh', timeout=-1, repo=None, private_key_path="", public_key_path="")

Constructs an instance of the NetconfServiceProvider class and connects to Netconf server via NetconfSession.

  • address – (str) IP address or DNS name of device, which supports Netconf server; required parameter
  • username – (str) Username to log in to the device; required parameter
  • password – (str) Password to log in to the device
  • port – (int) The Netconf server access port; defaults to 830
  • protocol – (str) Currently supported ssh for secure connection and tcp for insecure connection; default - ssh
  • timeout – (int) The timeout in microseconds, -1 for infinite timeout, 0 for non-blocking
  • repo – (Repository) User provided repository - directory, which stores cached Yang models
  • private_key_path – (str) Path to private key file. Requires public_key_path field.
  • public_key_path – (str) Path to public key file. Does not allow password field.

Returns the type of encoding supported by the service provider.


Returns the instance of the NetconfSession used to connect to the Netconf server

Returns:A NetconfSession instance.

Returns a list of capabilities of the Netconf server

Returns:A list of str representing the client’s/server’s capabilities