class ydk.path.NetconfSession(address, username, password, port=830, protocol="ssh", on_demand=True, common_cache=False, int timeout=None, repo=None, private_key_path="", public_key_path="")

Constructs an instance of the NetconfSession class and connects to Netconf server, which must support model download.

  • address – (str) IP address or DNS name of device, which supports Netconf server; required parameter.
  • username – (str) Username to log in to the device; required parameter.
  • password – (str) Password to log in to the device.
  • port – (int) Device port used to access the Netconf interface. Default value is 830.
  • protocol – (str) Currently supported ssh for secure connection and tcp for insecure connection; default - ssh.
  • on_demand – (bool) On demand model downloading by default.
  • common_cache – (bool) Use common cache directory, if enabled.
  • timeout – (int) The timeout in microseconds: None or -1 for infinite timeout, 0 - for non-blocking
  • repo – (Repository) User provided repository - directory, which stores cached Yang models.
  • private_key_path – (str) Path to private key file. Requires public_key_path field.
  • public_key_path – (str) Path to public key file. Does not allow password field, if specified.

Return RootSchemaNode for this Netconf session.

Returns:RootSchemaNode for this Netconf session.

Invokes or executes the given RPC and returns a DataNode pointer, if the RPC has an output modeled in YANG.

Parameters:rpc – (Rpc) Given RPC to be executed.

Invokes or executes the given DataNode and returns a DataNode pointer if the action has an output modeled in YANG.

Parameters:datanode – (Rpc) Given DataNode containing YANG 1.1 action to be executed.

Sends specified RPC to device (similar to invoke function) and returns device response as XML encoded string.

Parameters:rpc – (Rpc) The RPC to be executed.
Returns:str - reply from device in XML encoded string.

Returns a list of capabilities of the client

Returns:A list of str representing the client’s/server’s capabilities