This module contains YDK Python errors classes. These errors are thrown in case of data not conforming to the yang model or due to a server-side error.

exception ydk.errors.YError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Base class for Y Errors. The subclasses give a specialized view of the error that has occurred.

exception ydk.errors.YModelError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Model Error. Thrown when a model constraint is violated.

exception ydk.errors.YServiceProviderError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Exception for Service Provider. Thrown in case of a server-side error.

exception ydk.errors.YClientError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Exception for client connection

exception ydk.errors.YIllegalStateError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Illegal State Error. Thrown when an operation/service is invoked on an object that is not in the right state. Use the error_msg for the error.

exception ydk.errors.YInvalidArgumentError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Invalid Argument. Use the error_msg for the error.

exception ydk.errors.YOperationNotSupportedError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Operation Not Supported Error. Thrown when an operation is not supported.

exception ydk.errors.YServiceError

Bases: ydk.errors.YError

Exception for Service Side Validation